Business Banking Solutions for Accountants and CPAs

In the market to obtain a finance as an accountant?

How to get the best business banking solutions as an accountant

Balancing client service and collections. Narrowing margins driven by increasing client fee sensitivity. Revenue swings caused by economic and seasonal cycles. The need to invest in capacity before new profit opportunities are realized.  Accountants face many challenges that point to the importance of proactive and sound financial management.

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Accountants have specific business bank and commercial finance needs

Whether you manage a single-person office or a larger firm, you are a trusted advisor helping your clients reduce risk and optimize their finances. Delivering exceptional personal service to your clients usually means having less time to spend on your own banking needs. You’re careful, precise and focused on delivering accurate financial information to your clients – and you expect the same professionalism from your banker. We agree.

Accountants practice in a highly competitive environment with unique requirements. General practitioners and specialists alike face more regulation and increasing complexity in professional accounting. Just Business can help virtually all accountants with a broad spectrum of financial services suited to your professional and personal needs.

Just Business can look after accountants in all areas of the industry including:
- Sole practitioners
- Members of larger professional firms
- Just beginning an accounting career
- CPAs with years of experience
- Accountants with individual clients and with business clients

Not all business banking is created equal

Establishing a new office or expanding your current location? Are you buying computers, new equipment or furniture? Do you need working capital for day-to-day expenditures while you work on client audits or tax returns? Is it time to refinance your current business or investment real estate? We have a variety of solutions that can help meet your financing needs. Let us demonstrate our knowledge of the accounting industry and learn about your practice so that we may custom-tailor a package of services for you.

At Just Business Financial Services we know what accountants need from their business bankers. With our extensive network of financial institutions specialising in the professional services space we, are able to provide the best service and the most competitive prices. We know that importers needs are extensive and specialised.

Solutions for Accountants


We understand that cash flow can vary as demand fluctuates and your customer base changes. For example, accounting professionals often must leverage an influx of receivables after the tax-time rush to manage their business expenses throughout the rest of the year. Just Business can find tailored solutions for Accountants can assist. Our tailored services help you better manage unpredictable cash flow cycles by simplifying everyday transactions and addressing long-term investment goals. By giving you the ability to effectively and continuously make the best use of your cash flow, we'll help you better understand the details like never before.

Practice Finance and Equity Partners Financing

With our specialist experience of working with accounting professionals, we can offer a unique range of products that will help you strengthen and grow your practice. These include finance for acquiring an existing firm and solutions for efficient cash flow management.

Are you an accountant with the opportunity to become an equity partner in an accounting firm? Just Business Accounting Specialist can help you with your equity finance today.

Improving Cash Flow Cycles For Accountants

Accountants often find that cash flow varies as demand fluctuates and customers change. We can help keep your business - and your cash flow - at its best. From accelerating receivables to monitoring and projecting cash, we'll help you find the best combination of products to help your business grow.

Manage your business liquidity effectively and efficiently through our extensive range of products and services. We can connect you to highly secure suite of products to automate processing functions, such as receivables collections and account reconciliation giving control and visibility over cash flow.

There are a range of options for depositing your cheques and cash, from collection by your security company to using your financier's extensive branch network. To some the ability to make and receive payments through domestic and international payment mechanisms is extremely important.

Asset finance for Accountants


Like many businesses, professional services need access to fund plant and equipment as well as assets like vehicles. There are many types of asset finance offered by banks. Just Business can organise a pre-approved Asset Finance Master Facility that allows you to upgrade computer networks, PABX systems, printers, copiers and office fit outs. LEARN MORE >

Car Loans for Accountants


Just Business can offer accountants a range of tailored car finance solutions and go to great lengths to get you a car loan that suits your needs. Our experience means we can auto-approve a car loan (subject to credit approval). We can even find funding for used cars and private sales.

Property Finance for Accountants

Outside of the actual business, most accountants largest investment is either their own business premises or another investment property outside of the business. Just Business can find the most suitable solutions for your property lending needs, often using the equity of the business to purchase the property with little or no equity injection by the partners.

We have highly competitive accounting firm property finance in place to ensure that accountants can buy or invest in an accounting firm. We are also able to provide asset finance for office fit-outs and IT infrastructure, and can help boost your super with loan options for SMSFs.

All too complicated?

Running a business is hard enough, if you want some advice on you can take advantage of this type of funding, feel free to contact us.

Succession planning for Accountants

One of the biggest funding events for some professional services is when there is a change in the partnership - whether incoming or outgoing. 

We know that it is people that make an accounting practice and we can help protect key staff and to secure your firm’s future by assisting you to put in place a well-considered succession strategy and clear partnership agreements. As your business matures, partners will join and retire and opportunities to expand will present themselves. Our succession planning and business expansion solutions make these transitions easier. 

Home Loans for Accountants

Our specialist team combines a deep knowledge of the accounting profession, the market and risk management strategies to tailor a home loan. If you are buying your first home, re-financing, renovating your property or purchasing an investment property, we have the home loan for you.

Term Deposits

Accountants can get the most out of their business, retirement or personal savings with specialised fixed term deposits that we can source. Just Business can source term deposits range from 30 days to 5 years and offer competitive interest rates, have no ongoing fees, and are available to individuals, businesses, trusts and SMSFs.

Accountant Merchant Services

Just Business understands how important credit cards can be to your business. That's why we are proud to offer you access to a range of professional merchant services. READ MORE >

Treasury and Global Markets Solutions

Our Professional team are equipped with a broad range of financial products and services designed to meet your accounting firm's needs:

-foreign exchange and international cash management services to support travel, business and offices abroad
-Interest rate risk management solutions, including swaps and derivatives, to protect against inflation and rising interest rates

Challenges of the Service Environment

You know the value of building customer relationships. So do we. That's why Just Business takes the time to research the needs of professional service providers. We work closely with accountants and their customers to understand how market trends and economic factors impact service businesses. Our understanding of the challenges facing accountants and CPAs makes us even more committed to helping you achieve your short- and long-term business and personal financial goals. Irrespective of the professional industry you're in, our team will work to understand the intricacies of your business.  Whether you want to offer your clients faster payment methods or are thinking about investing to expand your business, we're here to help.

Key benefits Just Business offer to accountants:

- Enjoy personalised service with dedicated financial specialists
- Take advantage of long-term support to help you successfully build your accounting firm
- Innovative personal finance and practice finance solutions
- A comprehensive understanding of the accounting industry’s particular financing needs

All too complicated?

Running a business is hard enough, if you want some advice on you can take advantage of this type of funding, feel free to contact us.

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