Top Debtor and Invoice Finance Providers for Businesses in Australia


12 Debtor and Invoice Finance Providers in Australia

Which finance companies offer Debtor and Invoice Finance

There is a long list of debtor and invoice finance providers and each has their niche which they specialise in.  Finding who provides what is just the first step.  Below is a list (in alphabetical order) of the major debtor and invoice finance providers in Australia. The list is long and extensive so if you'd rather leave the hard work to someone else, feel free to contact us directly. Click here to contact us for a no obligation quote >

AR Cashflow


  • AR Cashflow pay you up to 100% of the invoice within 24 hours.

  • Funds to you within 24 hours of invoicing – no more waiting up to 120 days for payment

  • Real estate (plant/equip) security not a requirement

  • You can receive debtor financing even if you have only 1 or 2 customers


BCashflow Positive


  • Turn your invoices into cash in three simple steps:

  • Invoice your clients for sales of goods or services.

  • 90% of the invoice value is credited to you in as quick as 4 hours.

  • Receive the remaining 10% when your customer pays us.

Bendigo Bank Debtor finance

Turn unpaid invoices into quick, efficient cash flow.  Property security is not usually required. Access to funding can grow as your business grows.

-Timely cash flow for everyday needs like payroll and tax commitments
-Fund business growth
-Free up real estate security
-Improve profitability through negotiated supplier discounts on early payment
-Convenient and flexible access to cash

Early Pay Invoice Finance


There's no need to put your bricks and mortar business assets up as collateral.
Your available credit grows as your business grows; linked to your sales.

Supporting you even if a large proportion of your client invoices are from a single debtor. 
EarlyPay provides comprehensive insurance coverage, for all those unforseen eventualities that can impact your ability to manage your finances.


IMB Bank Debtor Finance


Debtor finance is ideal for businesses with trade receivables and annual sales turnover of $200,000 or more.

Receive partial payment against the value of your invoices within 24 hours with the balance on full payment by the debtor.

Moneytech Debtor Finance


  • Turn your invoices into assets and receive up to 100% of your invoices almost as soon as you issue them

  • More money for longer with our 120-day recourse period (versus the industry standard of only 90)

  • Facility sizes from $250,000 to over $10million

  • Automated online systems and reporting for convenience and speed

  • Flexible payment terms and conditions rather than the ’one size fits all approach’ from the banks and our competitors


NAB Debtor and Invoice Finance


-Access up to 80% of your unpaid invoices within one business day.
-Only available to businesses with turnover in excess of $2M of goods and services
-Suitable if you offer trade payment terms of between 30 and 60 days.


Scotish Pacific Debtor Finance


For businesses that:

  • Businesses selling products or services to other businesses on standard trade credit terms

  • Invoices being issued are for delivered goods or completed services (i.e. not issued on a progress claim/milestone basis)

  • Businesses with an annual turnover greater than $200,000


Tim Series Range Funding


  • Only fund the debtors you select and the invoices you want to fund, with no concentration limits.

  • Depending on your business needs, tim. may offer confidential funding.

  • Get you cash flowing immediately.


Thorn Debtor Finance


Debtor finance is suitable for any business that sells on credit terms to another business. Thorn deal in just about any sector. No matter if you are a manufacturer, wholesaler, or a provider of services, debtor finance could be right for you. 


Waddle Invoice Finance


  • Works hand in hand with your accounting package.

  • Waddle uses live invoice data to update your credit limit. Draw funds as and when you need.

  • You choose which customers to fund. Your customer relationships and collections remain with you.

Westpac Invoice Finance


  • Improve business cash flow by accessing up to 85% of unpaid invoices owed to you.

  • Easy to use, self-serve online portal available 24/7, where you can upload invoices in seconds, reducing paperwork and admin.

  • Funds generally available within 24 hours

  • Invoices act as security - no real estate necessary - although regular lending criteria applies

  • Borrow from $500,000

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Running a business is hard enough, if you want some advice on which Debtor and Invoice Finance proivder is best for you, feel free to contact us.

October 25, 2018

There is a long list of Debtor and Invoice finance providers and each has their niche which they specialise in. Finding who provides what is just the first step

December 15, 2017

Debtor financing has been gaining popularity in Australia as a way to finance small and growing businesses that need working capital.

November 28, 2017

Debtor finance is a term used to describe a number of different type of funding mechanisms that businesses use which involves using its accounts receivable as security.

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